What Is Philergia?

Philos (Love) + Ergos (Work) = Diligence

“Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.”     — Proverbs 12:24 (NIV)

If you enjoy what you do you will be motivated to do the best job you can.  That’s how I feel about working with SQL Server.  It’s a good day when I get to code!

My name is Tom Powell and I live in Omaha, NE USA with my wife, four of our six children who are still at home, and our three dogs.

Philergia Consulting is the business arm of the company specializing in meeting your SQL Server needs. 

   I am the Chief Cook & Bottle Washer.

  My lovely wife is the Chief Financial Officer.

   Java is the Canine Security Specialist.

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